Jon Miller

the natural sage

  performing for over 50 years

philosopher and societal analyst
singer ~ songwriter ~ storyteller ~ author
Master of Arts in religion
Master of Divinity
Bachelor of Arts in economics & philosophy
a breath of fresh thought ~ a breadth of experience
original music and the creative wisdom of shared awareness

If your speakers are on, you may hear a sample of the song "Now's The Time".

Jon is available for presentations and performances at various venues:

concert halls, night clubs, coffee houses, colleges, schools, libraries,

 churches,  festivals,  fairs, home concerts, special events, etc.


A Message From Jon:

Shared Awareness is a Growth Experience

Hi and welcome.

Please let me share a little about myself, my thoughts, and the information, philosophy and music that I invite you to experience.

As a whole life philosopher, societal analyst and singer songwriter, I perform a role like that of a "sage" in ancient culture.

Life is a Shared Awareness Growth Experience, which also describes each of us. A sage is someone who expresses this gift of conscious awareness in ways that facilitate its expansion.

There are some serious problems going on in our world, as well as wonderful possibilities. The health and well-being of people and nature are being challenged. We need to learn as much as we can about all this and work together to make things better.

I intend my presentation of information, analysis and music to raise awareness and inspire improvements.

If I perceive or learn something about an aspect of reality and present my thoughts to someone else, or just generate good vibes, I am sharing awareness from a perspective. As one or both of us learns something from this event, shared awareness is a growth experience!

You have probably had many shared awareness growth experiences with friends or family.

Every person is a consciousness explorer to some degree. When one realizes that life events encountered are part of a personal growth experience of consciousness in action, awareness is expanded. Sharing awareness with others serves the growth of mutual wisdom.

An idea or event may be understood the same way as or similar to another person's perception of it, or differently. Whatever happens may be considered profound or not. It may be mutually recognized as a worthwhile experience or not. In any case, it expands consciousness to some degree, whatever each of us thinks about it.

There may even be a time delay involved, as with my writing this a while ago and your reading it now. Maybe you are having a growth experience as I have had in communicating this message. You are a sage too, so be wise!


I have been performing and presenting for over 50 years, including speaking, singing, playing music and creating eight books, over 100 songs, multiple organizations, several business ventures, quite a few websites and an internet radio program.

Please visit the blog page, the radio program page, the songs page, and my other websites, including the ones that can help restore and maintain natural good health via

Thanks for your attention, Jon


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Jon Miller
the natural sage

a breath of fresh thought ~ a breadth of experience

original music and the creative wisdom of shared awareness


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